Business Acquisition

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Business Acquisition


I am MR. BOGGITEL LLC, a business start-up and investment consultant, I work with NEW USA FUNDING INVESMENT VENTURE, private investors/Lenders, LLC, Venture Funds, Investment companies and other financing sources that are privately seeking opportunities to invest their funds in Viable Business, such as, *Real Estate funding, *Oil and Gas companies, *Bio-energy, *Automobile/Aviation Companies, *Manufacturing Industries etc. That can generate a good Return of profit for their private investment portfolio. If you have projects or opportunities or know anyone/associate who has a viable project that need funding, do get in touch with me at this E-mail: Tell: +1 (317) 558-9234

*Starting up a Franchise *Business Acquisition *Business Expansion
*Capital/Infrastructural Project *Commercial Real Estate purchase
*Contract Execution *Trade Financing

We are hoping to have a good business relationship with you. We are certified, trustworthy, reliable, efficient, fast and dynamic. If you have a valid business, investment or project to fund, please provide us with the business plan, executive summary, financial information etc for assessment and review. Please do not hesitate to contact us for business co-operation, and if you are interested please contact us E-mail: for more details _______________________________________
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